Orthopedic Rehabilitation

This program offers individualized treatment and/or maintenance programs for patients with musculoskeletal dysfunction, which may include: fractures, joint replacement, as well as, soft-tissue, lower back, work related, and sports related injuries. Our services include strengthening and mobility training in the use of adaptive equipment, and help going back home and into the community.

Sports Rehabilitation

Our sports rehabilitation program is geared towards patients who are 12 years of age or older. These active patients have experienced a sports-related injury. The purpose of rehabilitating these patients is to help get them back into the game.

Back Injury Prevention/ Rehabilitation

This program is appropriate for commercial employers who want to teach their staff members lifting techniques, posture and how to maintain good ergonomic arrangements to improve overall back health. Here we focus on adult patients who have experienced a back-related injury or dysfunction to include surgical patients. We help strengthen, stabilize and return the patient to active participation in their prior activities.

Neurologic Rehabilitation

Provides specialized care of patients with stroke, spinal cord injury, head injuries and other neurological disabling diagnosis. Through a careful, comprehensive assessment, a tailor-made therapeutic program is developed for each patient.