Your visit to the emergency department 

Upon Arrival

When you arrive and register in the Emergency Department, you will first see a triage nurse. The triage nurse may conduct a brief medical history and exam to determine the severity of your condition. Registration information will be taken by admissions and registration personnel.

Depending on the seriousness of your injury or illness, you may be taken directly to a treatment room, or you may be asked to wait until a treatment area is available.
If your condition changes while you are in the waiting room, please notify the triage nurse immediately.

In treatment room

Our physicians and nurses are specialists in emergency medicine. They will examine you and will create a plan of care based on your individual treatment needs. Lab tests and diagnostic procedures may be ordered to further help diagnose your condition.

Additional consulting physicians and/or social workers may also participate in the evaluation. Since LLUMC/LLUCH is an academic medical center, residents (physicians receiving advanced training) may also be involved in your care, under the supervision of highly qualified professors, called "attending physicians."

Emergency Department physicians will discuss any treatment plans with you, or with you and your family, and will always protect your right to privacy.

After you have been evaluated

Depending upon your specific medical condition, the Emergency Department physician will either:

  • Discharge you and allow you to go home 
  • Admit you to LLUMC, LLUCH, or plan for transfer to one of our partner hospitals
  • Plan for further observation in the emergency department
  • After your initial contact with a physician, an admissions and registration counselor will ask for your insurance and financial information.

If you are discharged

If you are released following treatment, you will receive written discharge instructions prior to leaving the Emergency Department. It is important that you understand and follow the instructions. At the time of discharge, you will be given instructions for follow up and further care. If you have any questions, make sure you ask your doctor or nurse before you leave.

If you are admitted

The Emergency Department physician will discuss details with you and your family if you are going to be admitted to the Medical Center or transferred to the Children’s Hospital. You will be escorted to a hospital room, and your medical care will be taken over by the healthcare team in the assigned unit.