The Pediatric Emergency Services unit, located within our Emergency Department (ED), features trained pediatricians and emergency staff, rooms, and equipment designed to meet the unique needs of patients under the age of 18.

Unlike adults, children require special care, equipment and medication. Our new Pediatric Emergency Services unit is part of our commitment to delivering the best care for your children when they need it by offering a dedicated space in the ED.

Why Choose Us for Pediatric Emergency Services

  • We provide pediatric emergency care that is uniquely tailored to fit children’s ages and developmental stages.
  • The department is staffed by Loma Linda University Children’s Health trained emergency pediatricians and staff.
  • Our Pediatric Emergency Services takes special care to prepare your child for treatment, by using kid-friendly equipment and supplies and by speaking to them in a way they understand.  This helps soothe fear and anxiety during what can be a scary time.
  • Our pediatric emergency care rooms are located on a separate area for improved flow and efficiency, while still offering easy access to all of our Emergency Department resources.
  • We know emergencies can happen any time of day. Our dedicated pediatric emergency physicians are available in the afternoons and evenings. Our Emergency Department is open for emergencies any time of day.

What to Expect When You Visit

Children and their families access the Pediatric Emergency Services unit through the Emergency Department entrance.

You and your child will be greeted at the intake desk to gather important information: your child’s name and age, symptoms, medical history, and anything else a parent or caregiver feels is relevant. This information ensures your child gets in the right bed and receives the appropriate level of care as quickly as possible.

What is a Pediatric Emergency Physician?

A pediatric emergency physician is a specialist in the care of children and teens who are acutely ill or injured. A pediatric emergency physician is trained to care for a wide range of problems that require immediate medical help.

Pediatric emergency physicians have expertise in all of the following areas:

  • Dealing with medical emergencies that require special techniques and procedures.
  • Providing treatment that meets the unique medical needs of infants, children, teens and young adults. This includes giving medications and using special equipment in specific ways.
  • Detecting problems in children who are unable to be patient and cooperative.
  • Easing the pain and anxiety that a medical emergency can cause families.
  • Research and education in pediatric emergency medicine.

We Are Part of a Nationally Recognized Children's Hospital System

Our pediatric emergency physicians are part of Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, named once again a Top Children’s Hospital by the Leapfrog Group in 2018. LLUCH is the only hospital in the western United States to be nationally recognized as a Top Children’s Hospital, as well as one of only 10 children’s hospitals honored in the United States.