Religious Non-Profit

As a religious non-profit, LLUMC-Murrieta is dedicated to providing healthcare services that are needed by the community. Driven by a mission to continue the Teaching and Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ, we bring whole person care to the Murrieta-Temecula area. Some services and programs fall outside of traditional healthcare reimbursement and need to be funded independently. Through our Foundation, we are able to fund vital services, provide charitable care and provide classes and outreach.


Our Foundation provides an opportunity for members of our community to give back to their neighbors and friends via LLUMC-Murrieta. Patients and family members often wish to express their appreciation through donations, gifts and acts of service. If you would like to support your community hospital with a gift click here.

Community Health Plan

LLUMC-Murrieta is part of a broad community health plan with goals for improving childhood obesity, diabetes and behavioral medicine services. Learn more by clicking on the Community Health Plan tab.

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